Keynote Presentations

Bridging the Gap:  Elders, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials

“Young people today have no work ethic!” “The over-the-hill crowd is clueless.” “Workaholics?  Get a life!” There is a new face to workplace diversity; it’s called age-diversity.  Elders, Boomers, Xers and Millennials share different values and work styles that present new challenges in the workplace.  Learn practical solutions and insights for bridging and overcoming these generational differences.  Discussions will include predominant traits, work values and key messages to keep in mind when communicating, resolving conflicts and working effectively in today’s multigenerational workforce.

Strategies for Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

Much has been written about the four generations in the workplace, yet there is little information that addresses the ways current leaders are actually managing their age-diverse workforces. What can leaders do to improve communication, reduce conflict, and enhance quality and productivity? In this session, current workforce trends in generational diversity will be discussed and, more importantly, as a leader you’ll look at what strategies can be used to successfully manage today’s generationally diverse workforce. Learn how to minimize generational differences, capitalize on strengths, and, finally, create an environment that attracts and retains the best.

Accountability: The Key to Organizational and Individual Success

“It’s not my job,” “Tell me what to do,” “If only we had the resources.” Finger pointing, excuses and dodging accountability are individual and organizational behaviors that are a recipe for missed goals, unsatisfactory results and poor performance. Learn how you can rise above the “blame game” and how leaders can promote a culture of accountability. Your personal and organizational success depends on it! In this session you will learn how to detect the symptoms of victim mentality and the ‘responsibility avoiding syndrome;” discuss benefits and barriers of personal responsibility and accountability; and be able to identify action steps for increasing individual and organizational accountability.

Revitalizing Employee Trust and Commitment

Reengineering, downsizing, and constant change within today’s workplaces can leave employees feeling threatened, anxious, confused, and frustrated.  The erosion of employee trust undermines commitment, productivity and improvement initiatives, while creating an unhealthy working environment.  During this interactive session, learn how to recognize actions that damage trust; discuss strategies to break the cycle of mistrust, and identify ways to recreate an environment that fosters trust and commitment.

Communication Detours:  Ten Tools to Keep Your Difficult Conversations on Track

“Your expectations are unreasonable.” “That’s not within the scope of my duties.” “I’m not the only one who does this.  Whom else have you talked to? ” If you have heard any of these, or similar comments, this session is for you!  Don’t let diverting, evasive or challenging detours take your conversation away from your communication goal and down an unproductive path.  Learn ten tools to help you respond to challenging rebuttals calmly and assertively and keep your conversation focused and on track.

First Things First: Establishing Your Credibility

As a leader or an emerging leader, establishing credibility is the cornerstone of your effectiveness. People who are credible are better able to build relationships, control and manage their work, and get things done. What is credibility? How do you develop it? And just as important, who needs to believe you are credible? In this session you’ll discover how others define credibility. You’ll learn eight strategies for gaining the trust of your boss, internal customers, and key members of your organization. And you’ll see how important this is!

Dealing with Problem Personalities and Poor Performance

We’ve all worked with them- whiners, passive-aggressives, negative Nellie’s. historians (We’ve always done it this way!) and the know-it-alls. This session will help you deal with problem people. Understanding what they think, what they fear, and why they do what they do will make it less frustrating when trying to deal with them. Is it personality or performance? Learn how-to communication skills to address their behavior, identify when their difficult personality becomes a performance issue and what key actions to take to correct it. Discover how to turn conflicts into cooperation, emotion into reason, and hidden agendas into honest dialogue.

Negotiating Your Time, Talent and Tasks: When saying “No” is NOT an option!

Do you find yourself accepting new tasks, impossible deadlines and unreasonable demands because you feel you can’t say “no” or you can’t make it stick? Have you ever felt envious of a colleague who always stays cool, maintains control of their schedule and smoothly averts these situations without ever saying no? If you answered yes to these questions, this no-nonsense workshop will help you develop the communication skills to negotiate priorities, tasks and time–without alienating or annoying your boss, colleagues and coworkers. Discover some simple, common sense approaches to saying no without using the word “no” and negotiating a “yes, with conditions”.

Handling Interruptions that Sabotage Your Productivity

Do you waste minutes—even hours—handling an endless stream of interruptions and ‘emergencies’? Do you have the feeling your time and your schedule are no longer your own? This session is for you!  You´ll gain proven techniques and tips, designed and proven for getting your time and priorities under control and keeping it that way!  You will learn how to differentiate between an‘interruption’ and ‘work’.  Learn how to handle gracefully and diplomatically unplanned drop-ins, last minute requests, and the seemingly endless requests for your time. You’ll develop a game plan on how to cope with the stress of multiple responsibilities, and discover a sure fire system for staying focused, organized and in control.



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